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We welcome patients of all ages. Keeping your spine aligned from day 1 through the rest of your life allows your nervous system to function properly. The nervous system is the master system in the body. It controls all other systems and organs. When the nervous system is working properly your entire body will function better.

We specialize in "hands-on" adjusting. This includes Thompson and Gonstead techniques. We have a special table the kids will love that is shaped like a tiger. Bigger kids and adults will receive adjustments on the tables with drop pieces. Dr. Brighi is trained in many techniques including full hands on adjustments to light touch and low force techniques so he can adapt to what your body needs.

Flexion Distraction

Our flexion-distraction table or the "mermaid table" allows for a form of traction that aids in disc problems and healing. It also helps in re-educating the muscles so that adjustments hold better


Inter-segmental Traction Table

After adjustments Dr. Brighi often places patients on our IST (inter-segmental traction) tables or the "roller tables" This allows for some relaxation time, stress relief and enhances the adjustment.



Our newest addition is the ATM-2 (active therapeutic movement). This device allows for retraining core stability and muscle movement. It can enhance performance and increase range of motion for the strictest of athletes and even all of us "weekend warriors". One of the key features is the elimination of pain with movement in a short amount of time.


Nutritional Services

We are so excited to announce that we are now offering the highest level of nutritional support with the addition of Dr. Josef Planansky to our team. Through the use of Science Based Nutrition and metabolic testing we can determine many different answers to our health. Am I healthy? Do I need to take supplements? If so which ones and how much of each one? How do I achieve a healthy weight and maintain that weight? These tests take a look at our health from the inside out, the absence of symptoms does not always equal optimum health.

Other Services

Other services offered in our clinic include X-ray that can be taken in the office and read the same day. Dr. Brighi is certified to give school sports physicals that can usually be done the same day you call and are a reasonable price. We also offer cold laser treatment of soft tissue injuries. 


Biofreeze products are available for purchase by the roll, tube or spray on bottle.

We join forces with Footlevers to offer you the best in custom made orthotics for the whole family. Custom made pillows are also offered.

We can offer nutritional supplements for those patients that are interested.